Cloud Services

Uneffected against weather! View from many options such as:

Hosted Exchange and MaaS
Dedicated/Colocation and Cloud Services:
Backup Systems and Hosted Voice


Dedicated Servers

Run your corporations platforms and services on your secure and reliable Dedicated Server.

Quality Service

Anti-DDos Security

Security and Reliablity is key, we offer a unique Dedicated Server option with included DDoS prevention Security.


Scale at anytime

With our Dedicated Servers you have the accessibility to scale-up resources as your requirements grows.

24/7 Access

Selection of OS

Benefit from the latest server operating systems like Windows 2012 R2, Linux CentOs 7 and Ubuntu 14.04.

Itemized Billing

Service Level Agreement

Dedicated technical team is online 24x7 with engineers available around the clock monitoring your Dedicated Server.

Dedicated Server

  • R 999.00
  • Per Month
  • 1x vCpu
  • 4GB of vRAM
  • 20GB of Storage
  • First 1000GB Free Traffic
  • 16c per MB Traffic (OOB)

"Once you have a Cloud Server it becomes hard to work locally."

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