PBX and VoIP Installations

The installation that counts!

We assist with installations ranging from Analogue to Trunk Installations, Legacy ISDN contract renewals, On-premise PBX Troubleshooting, relocation or even new installations.


Time and Material

We can assist with investigating your Network and On Premise equipment for any possible issues.

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Great Support

Call into our Friendly and Knowledgable Support desk as your First line of Support.

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Customer Experience

Request an Engineer to assist you in investigating any IT concerns for your organization.

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Affordable Rates

Call out at R350.00 within 50km of Gauteng, Labour at R550.00 per Hour (Exclusive of Vat).

If you are happy with our service, why not sign up as an SLA Client.

On Premise PBX and VoIP Gateways

Having issues with your old PBX system, our Vendor Agnostic Engineers are here to help.

Request an Engineer Site Visit today!

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