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Carrier Select Telecoms

CARRIER SELECT TELECOMS, Data and Voice Managed Services Provider. The company is based in Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa.

No-one can argue that internet access in today’s world, has fast become one of our ‘hierarchy of needs’ requirements. Instead of trying to navigate the clutter of services, and providers to choose from. We help businesses simplify the view and the complexity when considering internet, technologies, and IT infrastructure.

Our Managed Services portfolio, will transform your business in the following ways
- Provide you access to multiple data and voice carrier networks, through a single provider
- Provide you with state of the art data center facilities and cloud infrastructure
- Enhance your business survivability and continuity operations with SD WAN
- Access data and voice technologies that allow you to work securely from anywhere
- Gain benefits from cyber security as an embedded part of the services suite
- Peace of Mind that your POPIA system compliance of personal data is met
- Secure Insurance cover for meeting system compliance criteria
- Choose managed services from a incredible bundled package portfolio
- Receive customer rewards for more services being managed
- Get exposure to Advisory and consulting services
- Learn to drive the inherent toolsets and technologies to measure, manage and plan ahead
- Secure access to the precise skills and resources to deliver the services the way the business needs and wants them to work.

Reach out if you realise you will benefit from managed services of this kind

Our Office

73 Crawford Drive
Douglasdale, Johannesburg
2191, South Africa


We are a proud member of ISPA and uphold the ISPA Code of Conduct

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